Academic Publications, Essays and Working Papers:

Covid-19 e Politiche Globali,” Settimana News (April 28th, 2020)

The Surprisingly Catholic Roots of the European Union,” America Magazine (April 23rd, 2020)

Good-Faith Arguments: the Value of Keeping KAICIID,” Commonweal (2020), 171(2)

“Sources of Muslim Democracy: The Supply and Demand of Religious Policies in the Muslim World,” (2018) Democratization, 25(1), 115-135.

“Engaging Post-Secularism: Rethinking Catholic Politics in Italy,” (2017) co-author with Tom Bailey, Constellations, 24(2), 232-244.

“Mapping Contemporary Catholic Politics in Italy,” Journal of Modern Italian Studies, (2016) 21(3), 419-425.

“Comparative Perspectives: Religion, State and Democracy beyond the United States,” (2016) in A Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S., (ed.) Barbara McGraw, Malden MA: Wiley-Blackwell

Oltre l’Opzione Benedetto,” Il Foglio July 10, 2015, translated to “Living the Postsecular Life,America Magazine, vol 214, no. 15 (February 22nd, 2016)

“Regime Type, Religion-state Arrangements and Religious Markets in the Muslim World,” Sociology of Religion, (2014) 75(3), 367 -394.

“Religious Democracy and Civilizational Politics: Comparing Political Islam and Political Catholicism,” Occasional Paper No. 12 Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) Georgetown University (2013).

“Public Religion, Democracy and Islam: Examining the Moderation Thesis in Algeria,” Comparative Politics, 44(January 2012), 171-189.

“Democratization in the Land of Tibhirine,” The Review of Faith and International Affairs,” (May 2011).

“Religion, State and Democracy: Analyzing Two Dimensions of Church-state Arrangements,Politics and Religion, 3(April 2010), 55-80.

“Two Propositions for the Future Study of Religion-State Arrangements,” Cosmopolis, 1-2 (2010).

“The Limits of Liberal Democracy: Politics and Religion at the End of Modernity,” by Scott Moore. Book Review, Journal of Religion and State, (forthcoming).

“Regulation, Economics and the Churching of France and Italy: Treating Religion as a Public Good,” paper presented at American Political Science Association Conference, Toronto, Canada (August, 2009).

Ethnic Voting and the Quality of Democracy in sub–Saharan Africa,” authored with Robert Dowd, Afrobarometer Working Paper (January 2008).

Ethnic Fractionalization Dataset Review,APSA Comparative Politics Newsletter (Winter, 2008).

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