Call For Papers: Mapping Catholic Politics in Contemporary Italy

Catholic politics in Italy is slowly emerging from the shadow of Democrazia Cristiana, but its new configurations remain surprisingly understudied and undertheorized. Even as scholars debate whether the end of Christian Democracy means the end of religious politics in Italy, the Italian Catholic world has evolved in complex ways, producing new religious and political dynamics: the changing role of the Vatican and the changing configurations of Catholic elites and associations articulate extra-parliamentary Catholic politics in new ways; new Catholic communities and lay elites have recomposed the agents and the aims of the Catholic public sphere; and an enduring but increasingly plural Catholic electorate continues to be attracted by political agendas inspired by Catholic social doctrine and ethics. The impact and political potential of these evolving dynamics are unclear and appear to have left both scholars and practitioners without an articulated empirical, theoretical or normative grasp of contemporary Catholic politics in Italy.

Studies responding to this lack are invited for a published collection.

Abstracts of 500-1000 words should be submitted to Professors Michael Driessen ( or Tom Bailey ( by December 10, 2014. Notice of acceptance will be provided by January 1, 2015. Final papers will be due by May 1, 2015.

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