Greetings and welcome to my website!  I am an associate professor and chair of the department of political science and international affairs at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, where I teach courses on Religion and Politics and co-direct the University’s Interfaith Initiative. I will be on sabbatical leave for the 2018-2019 academic year and in residence at the European University Institute’s Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies. I received my doctorate in political science from the University of Notre Dame, and have been previously a post doctoral fellow at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar.

indexIn my recent articles and book, Religion and Democratization: Framing Political and Religious identities in Muslim and Catholic Societies, (2014, Oxford University Press), I explore the nature of public religions in Catholic and Muslim societies. The book draws on five years of field research on religious communities, political movements and patterns of democracy in Southern Europe and North Africa.

My new book project moves this research forward and examines the role of interreligious dialogue in contemporary global politics. I also work in close collaboration with the Lebanese interfaith foundation,  Adyan, with whom I have organized a recent International Conference and designed and participated in a training program for religious and civil society leaders from the Middle East.

My wife and I are members of the international community of L’Arche, and we live in Rome with our 3 very enthusiastic little children.


Phone: (0039) 389 888 08 63